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Our Story

William Zimmerman

Zimmerman Metals is a privately owned, family-oriented business that was founded in 1936 by William George Zimmerman (Bill).  Bill was a renowned ornamental metalworker who apprenticed in Germany and immigrated to the United States.  Bill’s entrepreneurial drive shows on the boat ride he took from Germany to the United States in 1923.  Germany’s economic situation was desperate, and yet Bill was front and center on the boat with a suit and tie and an empty wallet.  In the spirit of “we do the impossible”, Bill made just about everything in Zimmerman’s plant, from the roof trusses, to the windows, to the metal doors, to the signage on the bathrooms.  He also created and delivered some of the most beautiful metalwork in this region – such as the original oval entryway to the Denver Art Museum, and the bronze works inside the Air Force Academy Chapel Building.  Bill’s can-do attitude and creativity became the core value to Zimmerman Metals’ culture.

Over the decades, the Zimmerman site in North Denver was expanded and investments in advanced equipment took the company into the markets of complex structural steel, large machining, and roofing machines.  Zimmerman designed and built in-house many of our bridge cranes, fabrication fixtures,  and our automated fabrication and processing lines.

Mark Zimmerman

Bill’s grandson, Mark Zimmerman, assumed control in 2002 and authored and led the automation of Zimmerman Metals, which continues today.  In the tradition of Bill’s can-do attitude, Mark brought the ornamental craftsmanship and industrial side of the business together with computer technology to fully automated processes and deliver the most complex products and projects to our clients, such as the Denver Art Museum, and Solaris Vail.

Mark Zimmerman
Mark Zimmerman & Taryn Christison

Mark Zimmerman & Taryn Christison

Today, Zimmerman Metals is a team of 75+ people on 10 acres with 150,000 SF shop under roof, led by a 50/50 partnership of Mark Zimmerman and Taryn Christison.  Taryn has extensive contracting experience, including complex and unique partnerships that arise out of PPP Projects.  She is renowned in the industry for her creativity and abilities to bring together partners, contractors and trades to accomplish what was deemed impossible.

Taryn and Mark are carrying forward the rich innovative culture and history of Zimmerman Metals that Mark’s grandfather embedded 80 years prior.  They have reimagined Zimmerman Metals, leveraging the innovation of Bill’s craftsmanship,  Mark’s industrial advancements and technological automation, and Taryn’s entrepreneurial drive to create an amazing platform for the generations to come.

Quality and Craftsmanship Since 1936

Zimmerman Metals offers an amazing array of metals manufacturing capabilities and know-how.  We have a reputation of quality and craftsmanship, and bring our history of experience since 1936 to provide unique and innovative solutions in:

  • Structural Steel
  • Art Structures
  • Industrial Fabrications
  • Machining
  • Roofing Machines
  • Whatever Our Client Can Dream Of

We have over 8-decades of experience.  Our automation and advanced technology yields lower costs and higher precision.  Our team thinks differently – innovatively taking advantage of our diverse experience and extensive technology to deliver our customers’ products with the highest quality and performance.  Every day, our unique abilities and culture continue in the tradition of Mark’s grandfather’s innovative spirit, enabling our talented team to deliver the “impossible”.

Our Customers