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Most machine shops have to outsource fitting and welding of the fabrication. Not us, we deliver a turnkey product with both the highest quality welding, machining and painting in the industry.

Aerospace Project

This jumbo machine fabricated project was awarded to us by an aerospace company. Our master fitters and welders fabricated this amazing 14-foot diameter hexagonal test fixture and then handed it off to our team of machinists to achieve true position tolerances of less than 0.010″.

Jumbo Machined Fabrications: Keystone Tower

OEM Machine Tool

We fabricated a 25 ton OEM machine tool assembly, with full penetration welds for super rigid construction, and machined flatness and co-planar requirements of less than 0.001 in/ft feature to feature. We machined it with our 250″ travel bridge mill. This wind and energy application was built for Keystone Tower Systems.

Load-Test Fixture

An aerospace company challenged us with creating this load-test fixture for their structures lab, which turned out to be our largest machined fabrication assembly in Zimmerman’s history standing at 17.5 feet tall. It impressed us with its need to have 287 holes on along the 201″ diameter circle while maintaining a 0.015″ flatness tolerance across its 211″ diameter flange face.

Jumbo Machined Fabrications: Load Test Fixture for Lockhead Martin
  • AISC – BU, Certified Building Fabricator
  • AISC – IBR, Certified Bridge Fabricator, Intermediate
  • AISC – CBR, Major Steel Bridges
  • AISC – FCE, Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • AISC – CCE-1,2,3 Complex Coatings Endorsement
  • 150,000 sq. ft. Facility
  • 20,000 sq. ft. Enclosed Surface Prep & Paint Area
  • 15,000 tons annual capacity
  • Combined 50 ton Crane Lifting Capacity
  • Automated Beam Processing
  • Drilling, Shearing, Coping & Cambering
  • Forming
  • Plasma & Laser Cutting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Machining

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Machinists, fitters, and welders, are you looking for an exciting career in the industry? Zimmerman offers machining careers in a reputable team with over 4 decades of machining legacy in high technology applications.