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Oil & Gas Project

We fabricated thousands of pipe supports, pump and compressor equipment platforms, and walking stile platforms for Elevation Midstream’s signature oil & gas project in Weld County.

Pipe Supports, Stairs, Catwalks, Platforms & Miscellaneous Framing: Elevation Midstream's Oil & Gas Project
Pipe Supports, Stairs, Catwalks, Platforms & Miscellaneous Framing: Customer Witnessed Inspections & Trial Fits

In-House Assembly Inspections

We’re confident in our abilities to fabricate to the desired tolerances but sometimes it’s helpful to see all the components assembled prior to it being delivered to the job site. By performing in-house assemblies, our customers are able to perform inspections and better understand assembly sequencing prior to delivery. These trial fits help ensure the design meets the customer’s vision and can adequately be erected in the field.

Reworking an Existing Project

When HHI Corporation needed to reassign a fabricator in the summer of 2019, we reworked the client’s existing trusses and added a large scope of steel framing and ladders with cages at Fort Carson Army Base.

Pipe Supports, Stairs, Catwalks, Platforms & Miscellaneous Framing: Wanzek Construction
Pipe Supports, Stairs, Catwalks, Platforms & Miscellaneous Framing: Fort Carson's Military Base

Rapid Steel Solutions

As a big player in energy projects, Wanzek Construction needs rapid steel solutions … and they come to us when it’s needed “now”.

Steel in the Agricultural Industry

For Delta Agriculture (Delta Ag), we fabricated and completed a customer inspection of the assembled drying-floors for agriculture feedstock production, including a structural steel frame, cut-outs for 48″ fans, and forklift ramps.

Pipe Supports, Stairs, Catwalks, Platforms & Miscellaneous Framing: Delta AG Drying Floors
  • AISC – BU, Certified Building Fabricator
  • AISC – IBR, Certified Bridge Fabricator, Intermediate
  • AISC – CBR, Major Steel Bridges
  • AISC – FCE, Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • AISC – CCE-1,2,3 Complex Coatings Endorsement
  • 150,000 sq. ft. Facility
  • 20,000 sq. ft. Enclosed Surface Prep & Paint Area
  • 15,000 tons annual capacity
  • Combined 50 ton Crane Lifting Capacity
  • Automated Beam Processing
  • Drilling, Shearing, Coping & Cambering
  • Forming
  • Plasma & Laser Cutting
  • Saw Cutting
  • Machining

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